The New Era of poutyface Begins With "All Mine"

Indie singer-songwriter poutyface is back and better than ever with the release of her new single "All Mine." The song serves as the beginning of a new chapter for the artist while still staying true to her desire to create honest music that oozes authenticity.

"All Mine" opens with a collage of lively horns and an electric guitar intro. In the single, which she describes as "a eulogy to make them cry," poutyface asserts herself and defends her worth. With her feisty vocals, she expresses feeling like "A pretty piece of meat" but isn't "tough enough to leave." She begins to question what good any of this mistreatment is doing for her, delivering lines like, "Why can't everybody just be nice to me?" and "What good am I if I end up dead?" 

"'All Mine' is the first song from the new poutyface era," shares the artist. "I've spent the last 7 months unlearning what I thought I knew & I'm so excited to finally start sharing what I've been working on. Thank you to my fans for always sticking around - here's your reminder that it's never too late to start over."

"All Mine" follows last year's viral hits "Cherry Picking" and "Rag Doll," featuring K.Flay, and she just went on her first-ever tour last year with Yungblud across North America. Her output on these tracks showcases her anti-pop star persona as she continues to deliver a healthy dose of nostalgia with heavily bass-anchored melodies elevated by dustings of screamo, grunge, and distortion.

Listen to "All Mine" below:

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