Rewind: Our 5 Favorite Music Videos of the Last Week

While it’s far too easy to lose ourselves in the deluge of new music releases that grace us every week, one thing that cannot and should not be overlooked is the art of the music video. With the heyday era of MTV long behind us, Rewind sees us taking a look back at a handful of our favorite music videos of the past week.

young friend -  "feral canadian scaredy cat"

Well, for a such a descriptive song title, you almost expect the visual accompaniment to be as surreal and titillating as this black and white effort directed by Sterling Larose and Zachary Vague, but it's even more than that. A true ineffable melange of circus dream post modern mania, it's a purposeful embodiment of anxiety that's just impossible to properly dissect. Enjoy the feline film above.

Kerry Charles - "Seal It With A Kiss"

Few videos tell a story so uniquely, so succinctly that you are actually put on edge wondering what the resolve is, but this amazing trip of a video by Peter English does just that. Taking the retro drip of the single and making a poignant point that we aren’t alone, not matter how mouthy our issues are, is just a smile inducing affair. Find your next date night idea right here.

Black Honey - "OK"

We’ve featured Black Honey a few times in this column for the good reason they consistently drop interesting, well-styled, thematically coherent videos that give purchase to the original song material, and this video by director Jamie Noise is no exception. Set in a time warp of old Vegas (but based in Ibiza), casting singer Izzy Bee and of that era Jessica Davies, the song unravels into chunky chord energy as the super 8 film decays from the high heat. 

Lizzy McAlpine - "ceilings"

It's fun to see an emerging artist get the full star treatment, full feature film budget level of support, and helmed by Gus Black, this hit single lands fully like a blockbuster summer romance. Catalogued by multiple locations, long lenses, POV cameras pulled in like a tight hug, the intimate grasp of the song perfectly develops on screen, a soft launch in the grocery aisle slowly builds into a hard launch of stardom for McAlpine herself. Kiss in the rain, solo cup at a house party, and more gorgeous cliches abound above.

Nemahsis - "I wanna be your right hand" 

A great video is often when the director gets out of the way of the talent, just trying to keep up with the talent, keep the mesmerizing event in frame. In this from the bar to ballroom affair, directors Norman Wong and Amy Gardner do a superb job of letting Nemahsis body the visuals literally, leaving us reaching out, waiting for an extended right hand.

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