Rhys Lewis Reminds Us To"Hold On To Happiness" With Harmonious Melodies


There is something to be said about Rhys Lewis' artistry and the power it has in evoking emotions deep within us. The London-based singer-songwriter has established himself with harmonious melodies and a poetic approach to lyricism. And his latest single, "Hold On To Happiness," is the epitome of these skills – simple in every sense, but intricate underneath the surface.

Lighthearted and soft, the song finds Lewis' soft vocals surrounded by the soft strums of a guitar and a mellowed bass. As he croons "It was golden looking back/ some kind of heaven in my hands/ for so long/ I was busy making plans/ couldn't see the things I had/ 'till they are all gone," we cannot help but feel it deep in our core. He preaches what we have become familiar with: we live our days so focused on attaining things out of reach that we don't acknowledge what is already in front of us. It is a message many artists have sung about, but Lewis does it in such a beautiful manner, painting the picture of a story we all know too well.

Even though the lyrics and instrumentation are melancholic, "Hold On To Happiness" has a glimmer of hope. Maybe it is the music or the passion in his words, "Hold on, hold on, hold on/ hold on to happiness," but there is an element in the song that pushes us to hold on a little longer to what is in front of us and to make the most of the little things.

Check out the infectious and inspirational song below:  

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