Rising Hip-Hop Meets Trap Artist Isaacjacuzzi Releases the Atmospheric Till It's Over [Q&A]


Isaacjacuzzi is an innovative artist dripping with style and swagger. Unleashing his latest 14-track offering Till It’s Over, produced by mega hip-hop producer Royce David (Lil Mosey), the artist seamlessly melds a myriad of genres, from reggae and hip-hop, to trap and R&B, creating a diverse and atmospheric mixtape that has it all.

Oozing with sun-soaked feels, the album features tracks such as "Never Lie" and "Gucci Steppin", showcasing ambient hip-hop vibes and touching on themes such as money, girls and substance abuse. Delivering a modern day, relatable anthem for twenty-somethings, the artist gives an honest look into the life of a young, Seattle-based rapper.  

"Ooh Lord" exudes an upbeat reggae feel, demonstrating his ability to blend his effortless, relaxed energy with feel-good party anthems. Isaacjacuzzi is more than just a gifted singer, with the new release highlighting his talents as a producer, rapper and songwriter. Proficient in all areas, he takes artistic control, allowing his music to follow its true direction while simultaneously paying homage to his West Indian roots.

With an ever-growing fan base cultivated through his tireless devotion and intoxicating music, Isaacjacuzzi is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with, leading the movement in the Northwest hip-hop scene. Ones To Watch had the pleasure of speaking with Isaacjacuzzi discussing the meaning behind his name, collaborations and the masterpiece that is Till It's Over.

Ones To Watch: First off, your artist name is so unique. What is the inspiration behind the name Isaacjacuzzi?  

Isaacjacuzzi: Isaac is my name giving to me by my mother and the rastas, jacuzzi relates to my energy I be chillin, and shordy always says my voice sounds like water ♨️ðŸ'†ðŸ¾

Your latest album Till It’s Over, was produced by prolific hip hop producer Royce David (Lil Mosey). How did the two of you connect and what was your experience like working with such a prominent figure in the industry?

Royce David was one of the first people to believe in me. He took me in and helped me develop as an artist and has a good friend. Our experience working together is always a vibe and positive energy.  

Your music seamlessly fuses trap, hip hop and reggae. What first drew you to these genres?

I grew up in a reggae household and learned a lot about reggae and the Rastafarian belief system from my OG's. When I got into high school I started to learn more about hip hop and trap. The youthfulness of playboi Carti and Chief Keef motivated my Hustle early on. When I met Royce, we fused these worlds together.    

I understand you come from a West Indian Family, how has your heritage influenced your music?

My parents first met in a reggae band that practiced at my grandma’s house. From early on I saw them take stage and it motivated me to do the same. The Rastafarian culture is big on moving forward and staying in a positive light. I carry these themes throughout my music and throughout my life.  

What are some common themes that run through the release and what was your creative process when writing the songs for the album?  

I keep it real throughout my music, my album is a rollercoaster of vibes. From my darkest days to my best, ima keep giving the people what they need.  

Your mesmerizing track "Gucci Steppin" features rapper Lil Keed. Can you tell me more about that collaboration?

Royce and I ran into Lil Keed in Vegas for a fashion show. He showed us love and pulled up to the studio that night. Real recognize Real.  

The infectious "Ooh Lord" is an upbeat danceable summer anthem. I know with quarantine, beaches, clubs and many restaurants are closed. How are you keeping yourself entertained and creating fun summer vibes?

With all the closers the suns still shining on jacuzzi. Ima do my part in standing up for what's right and keeping the summer vibes going. Through music we the world can heal.  

In addition to rapping and singing, you also are a producer and songwriter as well. How did you become interested in pursuing so many facets of the music industry?  

Once you dive into the studio life you wanna be aware of every aspect. From the drums to the lyrics I create awareness with my tracks and slide with the water melodies.

What's the next step for Isaacjacuzzi?  

The next step for Isaacjacuzzi is to keep motivating the youth and help my family. From the dirt road to the shows on the road. I'ma keep putting on for mines.

Lastly, who are your Ones To Watch?

Watch out for all the hustlers in Seattle. Just like the waves created in places like Atlanta, New York, and LA. Seattle's coming with a new wave to heat up the scene.

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