ROZET's "RIGAMAROLE" Provides a Cathartic Ending to 2020


At times, 2020 feels like a dystopian film come to life. Aside from a pandemic that has wreaked havoc across the globe, we've also experienced our fair share of social and political unrest this year. ROZET's new release "RIGAMAROLE" echoes sentiments of injustice and mistrust, bringing to sonic life the dystopian experience that is 2020. Explained in her own words:

"I looked up and found myself fed up with society around me. To keep from projecting my frustrations onto others I started texting myself a combination of poetry and questions for the gods, deities, and universe. But, one day I reached a limit. I sent myself this text that I later titled ‘RIGAMAROLE,' a word which represents nonsensical, meaningless commotion and procedures often used to confuse people. I say “NO MORE RIGAMAROLE” because I was tired of feeling stuck in this repetitive loop of injustice and misinformation. I wanted to be heard and with the current state of society I know much of the world feels the exact same."

The visual project accompanying "RIGAMAROLE" is both haunting and eye-opening, depicting the distress, hurt, and frustration recently felt by the Black community. The startling work of art augments the story told by the alt-R&B track not only cinematically, but also through dance, acting, and poetry. ROZET's short film bubbles over with tenacity and grit, presenting viewers with arresting imagery that is better watched than described.

Given the trials and tribulations of the year, newcomer ROZET demonstrates that out of darkness can come something truly beautiful and galvanizing. As ROZET reveals herself to be a true renaissance woman through her various art forms, she also lights a fire within viewers, imbuing us with a sense of hope for the future.

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