Sabriel Sings of Betrayal and Vulnerability in "Fox In The Henhouse"


Las Vegas neo-soul artist Sabriel (pronounced shठbrÄ" el) has graced us with her latest single "Fox in the Henhouse." The single is a shimmering spectrum of neo-soul, running underneath her wonderfully rich vocal tone. "Fox in the Henhouse" is a reminder to recognize other people's behaviors for what they are and stay true to your values, never letting anyone break down you or your boundaries.

A blissful soundscape enriched in a slow, silky beat, with glossy chords that ripple under the vocals, the track has a peaceful, soothing atmosphere which is contrasted with its meaning. With a wash of springtime, the song cleanses us all with a neo-soul breeze. Sabriel's vocals are undeniably smoky and unique, displaying her tender tone and keeping a gradual sense of ease over the entire affair.

"Fox in the Henhouse" narrates the feeling of betrayal caused by a person you never thought would do you wrong. This single is the lead single of the artist's upcoming album set to release later this year. Sabriel shares, "I want to achieve vulnerability through these songs, so that others can have a better understanding of their own experiences too."

Listen to  "Fox in the Henhouse" below:

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