Saweetie Is the 'Icy' '90s Rap Goddess We All Need


Even in sunny California, everything is feeling particularly “ICY” as of late. Why? Bay-Area rapper Saweetie's sophomore EP, ICY, just dropped and it is full of club-ready bops. Her provocative lyrics and flowing beats serve as the perfect foreground for her distinctively honest voice. The USC graduate freely speaks her mind and her genuine opinions are gaining attention, within and outside of the music industry.  

Throughout her career, Saweetie has racked up over100 million cumulative plays, partnered with many brands, including Fashion Nova and Beats, released her own "ICY" jewelry collection, and modeled for numerous magazines. Saweetie is pushing the boundaries of a modern-day working woman as a multifaceted talent. Above everything else, one of her most captivating projects is the release of her latest EP, ICY.

Staying true its name,  Saweetie is really flexing on us in this ICY  7-track masterpiece. Every song borrows an element from the past to provide something new, giving us her unmistakable blend of '90s rolling beats and modern lyricism. Saweetie kicks off ICY  with a rap anthem about using men for their money, without giving them her body. "Trick" exemplifies Saweetie's mindset of money before men, with the lyrics "moola, moola, moola, man, that's all I give a fuck about." The next track, "Tip Toes," takes a different direction than "Trick," in which she does end up sleeping with the rich guy, but makes sure she gets taken care of before him. She "[fucks] up his bank account" after luring him in with her body.  

"Tip Toes" is one of two collaborations with rapper and boyfriend Quavo on this EP. Although the Quavo collaborations turned out perfect, it was never planned for him to be on her EP. On the collaboration, Saweetie shared with Vulture,

"I was playing that song in the background while I was getting ready and he was like, 'I need to get on that.' I'm so prideful of my work so I was like, 'No. This is my song. I'm not getting no features on this.' But slowly, after I lived with the song, I said, you know what, I would love to hear what he does with the track. So he did it - I was in the studio with him - and it came out sounding amazing. I'm glad I made that decision."

Eight is Saweetie's magic number. In "My Type," her ideal man has an eight-figure salary and an eight inch... you can fill that one in yourself. Her high expectations led Saweetie to her relationship with Quavo, which the two explore in "Emotional." Despite sometimes playing with his emotions, Saweetie admits that she has feelings and doesn't want to be messed around with. She wants a real relationship because she's "emotional" and can't deal with the uncertainty of not defining the relationship.

ICY moves away from talking about a committed relationship in "Dipped in Ice." This song is about being covered, head to toe, in designer goods, paid for by someone else. This transitions into "Hot Boy," a tune about finding her opposite in a lover. Opposites attract right? Saweetie is a "cold bitch," so she's looking for a "hot boy" to balance her out. She concludes the EP with "1 of 1," where she is the only person in the game, flexing her extreme success. There is  "no competition" in her world, and her self-confidence shines in what is an undeniably iconic ending to this EP.  

Embrace your inner hard-working female in ICY  down below:

Aching for more of our favorite ice queen? Watch Saweetie perform  "ICY GRL" at our Baà±o Flaco showcase down below:  

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