Seint Monet Plays By Her Own Rules on "Wish I Had the Guts" [Q&A]


Seint Monet has dropped a host of sonic gems on us the past few years, and we were very keen to know more about this Nashville based chanteuse after one of our writers tipped us on this upcoming single, "Wish I had the Guts." So we mustered up the courage to dig into her latest release, what lies ahead, and what Women's History month means to her.

Ones to Watch: Who is Seint Monet?    

Seint Monet: I get this question a lot and I think I've finally found a single word to sum up Seint Monet: uncompromising. When I began this project, the one thing I wanted to make clear is that my music doesn't follow a specific "formul.a. I'm heavily inspired by so many different sounds and genres that it doesn't make sense to me to only write in just one. Whether it's soul-pop, funk, or even some obscure country-dance shit, if it's a great song, I'm going to release it. Simple as that.

Other than being a proper jam, what is "Wish I Had the Guts" all about?

"Wish I Had the Guts" is about my frustrations with dating in the 21st century. The whole premise of "hookup culture" has made it difficult to connect with people, and to admit true feelings when you have them. It's not about a specific person as much as it is a summary of my past experiences with dating, which have obviously gone extremely well if you listen to my past songs. When I started my artist project, I didn't plan on focusing so heavily on love in my songs, but the universality and mystery of it keep me coming back.

Any collaborators? Who produced the track?    

My longtime producer, co-writer, and friend, Johnluke Lewis, wrote and produced this track with me. I've been working with him since before Seint Monet existed and he has been a key part of developing my sound. I had written a bit of the first half of "Wish I Had the Guts" when I was visiting my family in New Jersey and brought it to Johnluke to produce out and tweak/finish the lyrics. Similar to my previous release, “In Line And In Love,” it was one of those songs that basically wrote itself. The sound we imagined for the track was so strong that the final product ended up sounding super similar to the first demo.

Did we miss the overt humor in your prior work? Is this a new course for you?

This is definitely a newer thing for me. Part of the reason I decided to release under a stage name is that I wanted to create a character that provided some separation between my personal life and career. The reality is that I am a sporadic, unorganized, loud Jersey girl, and Seint Monet gives me the confidence and space to be poised, enigmatic, and willing to push boundaries. As I progress in my artistry, I'm learning to show bits of my personality that I haven't before.

Can we expect more of this style in the future, potentially on an upcoming album?

You can expect to be surprised. Like I said before, my goal is to play by my own rules and keep it interesting. My voice is my voice and there's a reason behind each song sounding the way it does.

Besides this excellent single, what else should we be on the lookout for?

I don't want to give away too much BUTTTT I will say, aside from more music, visuals, and merch, with live music finally making a return, I will definitely be playing some shows in the near future.

What's inspiring you right now outside of music?

For a few years now, I've been working extremely hard on my mental and emotional well-being. Looking back at who I was at 18 compared to now, it's inspiring to see the growth and healing I've experienced. It's not an easy task to change the self-deprecating mindset that I believed in for most of my life, and though I still have a long way to go, I'm super proud of myself. It makes me optimistic for the future and what that means for me as both an artist and a person.

It's Women's History Month, what does that mean to you personally and as an artist?

I really love this question because it's a topic that's been constantly on my mind recently. The more experience I have in both the music industry and life in general, the more I realize that being a woman means being resilient and unapologetic, even if you don't necessarily feel that way. Up until this year, I accepted things as they were and never stood up for myself. I have some unbelievable stories about my experience with misogyny, and truthfully, mine are pretty sane compared to what some of my friends have experienced. I could give three examples right now from this past week alone that show men treating me in a condescending, sexual, and/or inappropriate way. It can get extremely frustrating and discouraging, but with all of that being said, I love being a woman. I love the women in my life, I love the female artists who inspire me daily, and I especially love the women who have and continue to speak their truth.

Who are your Ones to Watch?

My top Ones to Watch right now are Jenevieve and Remi Wolf. My favorite type of artist is one that doesn't play by the rules and these two ladies are no exception. I'm excited to see what this year will bring for them. I also want to shout out some amazing producers and writers that I'm fortunate enough to work with: Johnluke Lewis, Cameron Mitchell, A.G. Sully, Nicole Beaubien, Claire Maisto, Will Gilmore, Caleb Lee, Alex Schwoebel, Miette Hope, Mia Shelton, Julius Rodriguez, etc. I'm blessed to have so many people who challenge me creatively and help me grow every day as an artist.

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