Setlist.Fm Presents: Who is Mom Jeans.? [NEW ARTIST DISCOVERY]


Photo by  Daniel DeSlover

Setlist.Fm's weekly "Who Is" series is an immersive way to expose readers to up-and-coming indie acts that should be on your radar; written by music fans for music fans. Each week we feature an artist and/or band that's making waves in the music world. The "Who Is" pieces are a tell-all of the artist, showcasing everything from music and performance style, to influences and tour dates. Today we're giving you taste of Bay Area rockers Mom Jeans.

Mom Jeans. (yes, with a period at the end) will nestle nicely into your music library between bands like the Promise Ring, Joan of Arc and American Football. Much like those early aughts bands, Mom Jeans. are experts at blurring the lines between the pop punk and "emo" sub-genres, if you will. Their sophomore album,  Puppy Love, was released in July 2018 and with song titles like "I left my towel at my friend's house," you already know these songs are probably taken from the context of a diary or a text convo with your best friend.

The vocals and lyrics carry a great deal of emotion, and the guitar-heavy tunes mimic those feels just the same.

“Watching movies and drinking chocolate milk alone/ I guess it’s my anti-social tendencies that keep me from my friends”

Mom Jeans. are now going from playing basements and warehouses to performing in legitimate venues. Their fan following is growing by the minute, with over 20k people following them on Twitter for that quality word vomit content that is just as lovable as their lyrics.

The quartet will embark on a U.S. Spring tour next month, kicking off March 12  in Santa Cruz, California, and wrapping up April 13  in Portland, Oregon. Check out their full dates on their website!

To learn more about Mom Jeans., check out the full Setlist.Fm "Who Is Mom Jeans.?" blog.

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