skaiwater Alters Our Brain Chemistry With the Hypnotic "molli"

Producer and multi-faceted artist skaiwater continues to make waves with the release of their latest single, "molli." On the track, the multi-hyphenate artist further reinforces their willingness to break every sonic rule while delivering diaristic lyrics with heart and feeling.

The endorphin rush-inducing single opens immediately with a collection of digicore synths and glitches, with skaiwater's warped, entrancing vocals hooking us in. Layers of 808s and eclectic beats pile on, adding more dimension and structure to the short yet infectious track. It is a moody, fast-paced effort that explores and challenges ideas about brain chemistry, reality, and perception.

“Can I be honest? / I’m losing my mind / And it’s no pill to pop for me to buy back time,” the genre-fusing creator sings over swelling percussion and gentle, soaring synths. “All of those feelings I lost, that brain’s not mine.” Folded within feverish arrangements, skaiwater's brain-altering track lives in an infectious world all its own. Amid a collage of chaos, the song suddenly ends, like a trip you wish had lasted just a little bit longer.

"molli" arrives just in time for their headlining London show on August 24 and an appearance at the Reading & Leeds Festival. Before "molli," skaiwater released a 14-track mixtape, rave, which contained "boys don't cry" and "miles" featuring Lil Uzi Vert. The track and its remixes connected with fans, garnering over 20 million streams, hitting the Top 10 US Songs on TikTok and #38 on Spotify's Global Viral 50.

Watch the "molli" video below:

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