spill tab Presents a "Window" Into Her Kaleidoscopic, Ever-Changing Influences in New Single

Photo: Jade Sadler

spill tab is over it. The alt-pop trailblazer is back with a biting new single, “Window,” to join her forthcoming EP releasing in May.

“Window” is a melting pot of influences, using a pop writer’s hook-driven genius to lure listeners in and an alternative tastemaker’s originality to keep them captivated. spill tab’s melodies are constantly shifting, building off each other to create a natural progression of emotion that’s raw and accessible.

The song leads us through the familiar push-and-pull of a relationship: one second, we’re full of longing, and the next, we’re unbothered, blasé. This hot-and-cold duality comes through in the arrangement itself—the way the bass plucks out a brazen line front and center, while vocal ad-libs lilt mournfully on the outskirts of the track. Each chorus adds another layer of distortion to spill tab’s vocals, sonically representing her exhaustion, but still revealing a pang of sadness in the wistful melody, “I think I'm done / having to hold your hand and keep you over the water...”

“I was listening to a lot of Talking Heads around the time we started this song, so I think a bit of that influence is for sure in there," shares spill tab. "Mostly my producers Wyatt, Austin and I just had a good time crafting something that felt dynamic and ever changing. I love the idea of someone scrolling through the song and wondering how these different vibes exist together.”

“Window” was welcomed into the world of alt-pop badassery with an accompanying visualizer perfectly depicting the song’s energy. Washed in neon green filters, spill tab stares us down with a fitting glare as paparazzi cameras flash around her.

Each of spill tab’s singles seems to be a catalyst for the next, lacing her discography with a spiraling style of chaotically original alt-pop mastery. “Window” is an enticing new venture for the artist, bound to intoxicate listeners with its hooky chorus and invite us all to dive in deeper into this rising star's growing discography. 

Watch the "Window" lyric video below:

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