Still Woozy and Remi Wolf's "Pool" Showcases the Magic of True Friendship


Photo: Haley Appell

I wholeheartedly believe that there is nothing better in life than finding a group of friends. A friend group who, not only can you be your authentic self with but also a friend group who brings out your authentic self. With the right people - your people - you'll never have to hide all of the special little idiosyncrasies that make you, you. Today, besties  Still Woozy  and Remi Wolf  drop their single "Pool," a delightfully magical tune about two friends who have nothing but adoration for one other.

Sven (Still Woozy) and Remi Wolf were introduced to each other in 2018 at one of Sven's shows. He listened to Remi's music, loved it (who doesn't?), and eventually asked her to accompany him on tour in 2019. On "Pool," Remi Wolf and Still Woozy reunite to tell the story of two friends, from two perspectives.

With each of the two dealing with very specific, human situations, they both serve as a shoulder to lean on. During the chorus, Remi Wolf and Still Woozy sing an honest confession, "I don’t really know where my heads at / I just know my hearts not there yet / Or maybe I’m just crazy about the thought of thinking I adore you." Ultimately, "Pool" is about feeling comfortable enough to open up to someone, knowing they could never judge you. You should always have at least a little bit of love for your friends, and Remi and Still Woozy have most certainly captured this feeling of platonic love.

"Pool" is a departure from Remi and Still Woozy's typical sounds. I was actually surprised when I heard the track for the first time - it certainly was not what I was expecting when I saw "Still Woozy and Remi Wolf" - and I say this in the best way possible. I think what separates an artist from being 'good' and being 'great' is a certain degree of unpredictability, the ability to create something that I cannot quite put my finger on. "Pool" takes Remi's quirky lyricism and storytelling, Still Woozy's laid-back yet funky production, and blends them into an unexpected soundscape that feels immediately special. Their chemistry is evident; together, they explore new territory, stripping down instrumentally, allowing their vocals to gracefully soar.

"Pool came together in an afternoon of hanging out with Remi and Jared," says Still Woozy. "It was one of the quickest written songs I've ever been a part of. Remi and I had been hanging out talking about life all morning, so the content for the song was fresh on our minds as we went to write. She recorded her verse in one take and we knew instantly it was something special."

"Pool was such a beautifully natural collaboration - and is a great reflection of how life can just so seamlessly turn into art," says Remi Wolf. "It perfectly showcases mine and Sven's comfortability with each other and how both of our wildly different skill sets can create something that feels so true to both of us. We went into the writing process with the intention of being 100% honest and specific with where we were both at that day and I love how when I listen to the song it feels like a true time capsule to both of our life situations at the time."

Accompanying the release of "Pool" is its official music video. Directed by Haley Appell, the video teleports us into the unique world of Still Woozy and Remi Wolf: decorated in lush landscapes, fluffy dogs, and carnival rides. In a way, it feels like a mythical fever dream, incorporating still shots of strangely entrancing scenery. The video is a peek inside of their friendship - and an aesthetically pleasing one, at that.

Watch the  "Pool" video below:

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