Sunflower Bean's 'King Of The Dudes' Doesn't Give a Fuck, and It Rocks


Photo: Andy DeLuca

The dream of a New York defined by its characteristic underground scene still feels alive and well thanks to bands like Sunflower Bean. The New York-based trio, who recently all turned 22 upon releasing their sophomore effort, TwentyTwo in Blue, craft unapologetically raw indie rock of the most infectious variety. It is a talent exemplified without reservations in their latest EP, King Of The Dudes.

Blistering through four tracks of guitar-driven rock, King Of The Dudes feels like something from an entire era entirely, yet still manages to retain a modern point-of-view that makes the whole affair a ballpark smash. Opening on the title track, Sunflower bean wastes no time on instilling their brazen brand of rock with a salient message. The title track, which singer and bassist Julia Cummings explains as, "a song about navigating metaphorical circle jerks, owning the boy's game, and taking the word king from them and claiming it."

At no point throughout King Of The Dudes' twelve-minute run does Sunflower Bean let up, delivering striking bullseye after bullseye. That is not to say Sunflower Bean and King Of The Dudes only excel in terms of how fast and well Cumming, Nick Kivlen, and Jacob Faber can play their respective instruments while penning an arresting response to modern-day issues. In a track like "Fear City," Sunflower Bean illustrates that it is not their unrelenting power that makes them such a force to be reckoned with. It simply comes with the territory.

Sunflower spoke on King Of The Dudes, sharing,

"This EP does not give a fuck. It's reactionary, and a sharpened response to our times. Death, birth, aggression, addiction, and power. 'Twentytwo In Blue' allowed us to find our strength and on 'King Of The Dudes,' we use it, no holds barred."

Listen to King of the Dudes below and catch Sunflower Bean on tour with Interpol:

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