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Là˜Là˜ is Redefining Bedroom Pop With Her Performance of  "Dead Inside" [Premiere]

July 8, 2020 Since releasing her debut single, "Yours," in 2018, Toronto native Là˜Là˜ has been on our radar. "Yours", a catchy pop breakup song, was the perfect vessel for Là˜Là˜ to arrive in. Her style of relatable pop bops have helped her gain the attention of fans all over the world. She released her debut EP, Sweater Collection, in 2019 and is back with new music ahead of her debut album. "Dead Inside" was released last month and speaking on the song, Là˜Là˜ said:"From the title, you'd probably think Dead Inside is a sad song, but it's not. It's about feeling a glimmer of hope at a time where I really didn't think I'd be able to feel anything ever again. Kinda like that first breath of fresh air, when you hadn't even noticed you were holding your breath in the first place. I wrote it about a time in my life where I quite literally felt dead inside. I was putting on a smile and going through the motions of every day life, but I felt empty. Then I met someone who reminded me what it felt like to be 'me'. I don't know how it happened but all of a sudden I woke up - they made me feel alive again. I wrote this song as a thank you to them.Today, we are lucky enough to be premiering a special performance of "Dead Inside." "Normally, my songs are created in writing sessions/collaborations. I wrote this song alone in my bedroom, so I thought it would be fitting to sing it live in my bedroom. Since we couldn't have socially distanced properly in my room at home, I ended up recording it at my friend Justin's (@ThatGoodGraphic's) studio in Toronto. And I even got to bring my bed lol."  Check out the performance below and check back for more from Là˜Là˜ in the future.