Teenage Pop Star Brianna Mazzola Narrates Her Love Story in Self-Titled Debut [NEW ARTIST DISCOVERY]

Brianna Mazzola has been hustling her way through the entertainment industry since she was a child. Currently at 18-years old, this teen pop star is pushing aside all expectations and forging her own path. Born in Philadelphia, and currently based in Los Angeles, Mazzola has put in the work to establish herself in this competitive world since she was a toddler.  She found her musical voice at the ripe age of three, pleading with her mom, in the adorable way only a three year old can manage, to put her into vocal lessons. From that moment on, Mazzola devoted her entire existence to expressing herself through music.    

Her passion for singing soon influenced the young musician to learn piano. She color-coded her keys with Post-It notes to teach herself chords and quickly began to write her own songs. Before she released her own music, Mazzola spent years trying to break into the industry. She performed at the Apollo Theatre's amateur night for years, gaining experience on stage and finding herself. This led to a starring role on Disney's Club Mickey Mouse. Within her first season, Mazzola landed on the iconic LA Reid's radar, who immediately signed her at his home.


Mazzola has truly been waiting years to share her stories with the world, and the time has finally come. Brianna Mazzola, her self-titled debut EP, delivers three pop anthems that we want to scream and dance to on top of every rooftop in the city. Her flawless vocals and authenticity shine through in our first introduction to Brianna Mazzola as a songwriter, and we are left begging for more.

The EP kicks off with the longing "How Much." Mazzola questions "how much" the subject of her desire loves her, cares for her, and if they will stay by her side through it all. She wants to hear the honest truth, expressed through her persistent questioning throughout the song. The upbeat, synth driven tune has a playful melody that masks the seriousness of Mazzola's inquiries.

Then, Mazzole transitions to the mutual feeling of desire in "If I Can't Dance." Mazzola states that "[she'd] rather dance all night alone if [she] can't dance with [the subject]." The entire whole world falls away as she dances her heart out and personally experiences sparks flying. Mazzola created the perfect poppy love song to dance all night to, either with the one who makes the world melt away or alone.

This perfect love story comes to a sudden halt in "Feelings." The subject of her songs calls her after a nasty break-up, trying to reconcile their differences. This causes Mazzola to reflect on the cause of their separation – her ex slept with someone else. Her angry passion is funneled into this dazzling pop masterpiece.

With only three songs released, we are anxious to hear more of Brianna Mazzola's pop genius. Until then, we will have Brianna Mazzola on repeat:

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