The Moving Stills Soundtrack Golden Hour With Debut Album 'Sunshine Corner'


Painted in beach-soaked melodies and nostalgic pop flavours, The Moving Stills debut album Sunshine Corner glistens with the warmth of golden hour sun. Established on the central coast of New South Wales, Australia, the four-piece band made up of Tom Mahler, Mike Drennan, Brad Guthmann and Ben Day, create music that is the epitome of summer days at the beach.

Releasing their breakout single "Nineteen" in 2018, the band’s music has evolved over the last few years, emitting a more deliberate and refined sound. Two years in the making, their first full length album Sunshine Corner has been released for the world to hear. Maturing in both their songwriting and production, the coming-of-age album displays their thoughtful lyricism, narrating tales of anguish, emotional conflicts, and self-realisations. Capturing a true reflection of real-life scenarios and their perceptions of the world, the batch of new music offers a taste of their lives over the past couple of years, with the band revealing, “It’s an opportunity to give listeners a snapshot of where we are as a band and how we’ve been feeling.”

Following on from "Gene," "Downlow," and "Waste My Time," the most recent release of the 11-track offering was the sweet, synth-driven single "Truthfully." Floating above a trill of guitar riffs and toe tapping percussion, the song speaks of the moment in a relationship where you decide whether to take it further or call it quits.

With the world entering a post-pandemic euphoric state and the new album dancing freely throughout streaming platforms, The Moving Stills are set for a whirlwind year, headlining shows and supporting Great Gable in the coming months.

Listen to Sunshine  Corner below:

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