The Wrecks' "I Love This Part" Is a Post-Apocalyptic Breakup Anthem


Photo:  Natalie Hewitt

Alt-rock band The Wrecks continue their 2022 with yet another jaw-dropping single that showcases their multifaceted and unparalleled talent. Their bitter and bold single “I Love This Part” is the second single they’ve released this year following the disco pop-inspired “Lone Survivor.” These two tracks are just a taste of what’s to come from the band this year, following behind the band’s 2020 debut LP, Infinitely Ordinary.    

“I Love This Part” leans heavily into the band’s rock influences, featuring head-bang-inducing guitar riffs and percussion. Exploring themes of independence following a breakup, vocalist Nick Anderson lets his anthemic vocals shine on the song’s chorus, singing, “This is the part where you recognize / This was your fault, and you made it mine...This is the part where you’re off my mind / This is the part you get left behind.”

The song builds to an eruption of emotion on the bridge, where the band bursts into a sound that perfectly matches the passion felt in Nick’s voice. “I think it’s a return to our roots a little bit,” says Anderson. “This song came very naturally for me in the studio when writing and producing it. Some tracks can feel a puzzle I’m trying to figure out, but this one was a no-brainer.”

The accompanying music video, directed by Dan Henry, opens on a quick-cut montage of scenes in and around a bustling city. Viewers then follow  Anderson as he makes his way through an ominous empty house. “We put our full trust in our director Dan Henry for this video," shares Anderson. "He said, ‘Let’s just roll up to this empty house location, bring some random stuff from home that might spark inspiration, and see what happens.’ It was a really fun one-day shoot, and I think he did an incredible job capturing the energy of the song.”

The music video evokes a quasi-apocalyptic, dark energy that reeks of loneliness and internal delipidation. The band’s energy builds and sonically seeks liberation, ending on a scene of the group performing together on top of a busy freeway. “Dan makes it look so easy,” reveals Anderson. “What I loved about working with Dan is that it felt like we could shoot literally anything, and he’d make it look cool. He and his team have such a touch, and everyone was so involved, and morale was super high all day. Not a single stressful moment with that bunch. We hope to work with him again.”

With no intention of slowing down, “I Love This Part” is just the tip of the iceberg for The Wrecks in 2022, with more planned for the year as they continue to charge into the limelight. “The influence for this song & 95% of the upcoming album came from a breakup, which is pretty typical, but I haven’t had so much to write about since maybe around when the band started,” explains Anderson. “So it felt reinvigorating and therapeutic to anchor down in the studio with so much to say and just let it all come out.” The Wrecks mention that the singles are in preparation for a summer album release. When asked what listeners can expect from the upcoming project, Anderson quipped, “Thematically, it gives post-breakup apocalypse. Sonically, it’s all over the damn place.”

Watch the "I Love This Part" video below:

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