There's A Tuesday Is Turning a Close Friendship Into an Indie Pop Dream [Q&A]


From national high school competitions to New Zealand's premier festival, Rhythm & Vines, There's A Tuesday has come a long way. Fresh off their debut performance at the festival, Haylee Clarke sat down with one of the hottest indie bands in New Zealand.

After meeting at a high school party at 16, Minnie and Nat began jamming together in Minnie's house. "I took this like hour long drive to Minnie's house, I thought it was gonna be so awkward," recounts Nat about the very earliest formation of There's A Tuesday. Immediately, chemistry clicked and the two quickly formed a duo. Later they would enter a national competition, the Smokefree Rockquest, resulting in them winning not only in their local city of Christchurch but the NZ title.

Minnie and Nat decided to recruit some extra band members, bringing in Gus (the host of the party they met at) on bass and Joel on drums. "While it was fun playing as a duo it's so much more fun playing with these guys," Minnie recalls. The band quickly picked up momentum as a four-piece and caught the eye of the country’s best. Notably, indie icons Mako Road extended an invitation to join the fellow South Islanders on their sold-out nationwide tour.

With an organic friendship, There's A Tuesday are still living life like any fresh-out of-high-schoolers would. That's outside of playing the biggest festivals in the country, of course. "Mum still cooks dinner for us," Nat shares "She's a flute player, she's joined the Christchurch choir so she's always coming to all our gigs." This extended support system has allowed the group to shoot for the stars.. "Playing back-to-back festivals feels pretty cool," says a chuffed looking Gus. "Even just travelling around the country with these guys playing all these shows really says something" Nat adds on. Being friends first and bandmates second proves There's A Tuesday aren't overthinking things and are enjoying every second of the ride.

Describing their sound as indie-folk-dream-pop, the group take inspiration from the likes of Phoebe Bridgers, The 1975, and Julia Jacklin. The group’s first single "Pinata Head" was unlike most debut releases, as they recorded it at Auckland's iconic Roundhead studios with Six60 bassist Chris Mac. "It was a huge deal for us, up in the big smoke!" says Minnie. The group flew up specifically for the recording session, and the flight was definitely worth it as "Pinata Head" reached number 13 on the New Zealand music charts.

Since then they've gone onto release their debut EP Dance With Me Before We Cry, a seven-track collection of a variety of moods. Minnie and Nat alternate on vocals, giving a fresh sound to their songs. There aren't two tracks that sound the same, ranging from dancey up-beat bops like "Amsterdam" to the more mellow "Sound of the Stars."

Following in the footsteps of many other great indie bands from New Zealand's South Island, There's A Tuesday has made a quick impact around the country, engaging punters with their unique flair on stage. A feat made all the more incredible, considering they're barely even old enough to attend the festivals they're playing.

Listen to  Dance With Me Before We Cry below:

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