Tia Gostelow Discusses New Dazzling Retro Single and Video Development [Q&A]

Ever listen to an artist that possesses such a rare, entrancing quality that you disappear into their music for a while? Tia Gostelow is that kind of haunting talent that transports you to another place. Her shimmering retro yet modern sound is the perfect escape from the ordinary. Her glowing single, "Two Lovers," evokes that same enchanting quality and details fighting intensely for love. Through bold, striking synths and delicate vocals the track pulls at your heart and never lets go. Gostelow's visuals portray the song's romantic feeling as it showcases a series of couples and their touching love stories. Ranging from little kid crushes to long time lovers, she encapsulates the passion perfectly.  

The synth pop singer's offerings oozing with vibrancy are a pure listening paradise. Her gentle tone taking on an almost folk quality has an intriguing air that leaves you wanting more. Gostelow's relatable messages of love and self-discovery resonate deeply with listeners on an intimate level. Ones to Watch got personal with the singer talking video inspiration, work with Oscar Dawson and more.

Ones to Watch: Your intoxicating track, "Two Lovers," is about two people fighting for their relationship through hard times. What inspired the song's sweet sentiment?

Tia Gostelow: While I was writing Chrysalis as an album, I was really struggling with being away from my family and partner. I had been living by myself for a while and during that time my anxiety had really come forward and I was trying to figure out how to deal with it. "Two Lovers" really focuses on how I was feeling being away from my partner and how I would try and make myself feel better during those times whether that be going shopping and buying things I didn't need or just going out a lot. It's also about overcoming those feelings in the end and really trusting and finding yourself.

"Two Lovers" possesses a very 80s synth-soaked feel. What attracts you to this kind of vibrant retro sound?

I was really inspired by Broods' album Don't Feed the Pop Monster, that's when I decided I really wanted to try out using a lot of synths and digging a little deeper into the electronic world. I was also really inspired by MGMT and I guess I fell into a rabbit hole of following those sounds and it eventually led me back to the 80's and I fell in love with it!

The video showcases different couples and their beautiful love stories. How was the video concept developed?

I worked with a friend of mine, Dom Gould, who directed this video to come up with the concept for the video. We wanted to showcase couples from all walks of life in different scenarios and situations. Dom picked all of the couples and shot those scenes by himself as I was living in a different city at the time, but I think he captured the moments between the couples incredibly well.

I understand you are in a long-distance relationship. What do you think has helped your relationship thrive despite the space barrier?

Lots of facetiming, calling and texting! I guess I'm also lucky in the sense that my partner works on a roster so when he has his 7 days off, he will usually fly down to see me, I get to see him every month now which I'm really grateful for.

You just released your second album Chrysalis. What is a common theme of the album and what song stands out to you the most?

The main theme throughout Chrysalis is definitely about learning to deal with being away from loved ones and also trying to figure out who you are in your late teens/early 20's. I don't think anyone really knows who they are through these years and it can be really hard sometimes to try and figure that out. Personally, "HOME" is a song that pulls on the heartstrings. I wrote this song so quickly when I was having a bad night and had this moment of realizing that things haven't turned out the way I thought they would and maybe they never will. It was a moment of uncertainty and I wasn't sure how to deal with it.

The offering is produced by Oscar Dawson (Holy Holy, Alex Lahey). What was it like working with the prolific producer?

Oz is such a good human and I'm so grateful that I was able to work so closely with him on Chrysalis. He really pushed me to do the best I could when we were recording it and allowed me to be more experimental and really find who I am as an artist. I played a lot more instruments on this record and he was so patient with me because he knew that I really wanted to be more involved! We also just got along so well which made the experience even better. I think when you are really comfortable with your producer or whoever you are working with the process is just so easy and electrifying.

You have toured with musical greats such as The Rubens and Lewis Capaldi. What did you learn from performing with such seasoned acts?

You learn that they are just normal people doing what they love! I've been very lucky in the sense that I've had the opportunity to support acts like Lewis and The Rubens and they have all been such legends and an absolute pleasure to tour with. I think the biggest thing you learn from people like that is how to treat the team around you and to make sure you respect everyone!

On the topic of musical greats, if you could collaborate with one industry icon, who would it be?

Dua Lipa is at the top of my list at the moment!

You grew up in the Queensland town of Mackay then moved to Brisbane. How has living in these areas shaped you as an artist?

I've been exposed to two different lifestyles and music scenes and that has taught me so much. Growing up in a regional town like Mackay there wasn't a huge music scene, but my parents did whatever they could to get me involved. I started out competing in country music competitions and then played cover gigs in pubs every weekend and then eventually started playing my own original songs at pubs. These experiences really shaped who I am as a performer and actually instilled a lot of resilience and confidence in me so when I moved to Brisbane, I felt like I had already achieved something and was ready to make the next steps. Obviously moving to a big city means a bigger music scene and the Brisbane music scene is so welcoming and kind and I'm really glad that I'm a part of it.

Lastly, who are your ones to watch?

Ula & KALI! Love them both so much right now!

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