Top That Track Builds Their Virtual Prom Playlist With Maddie Jay in "High School B-Roll"


This May was supposed to be huge. For high school seniors, prom was within grasp and graduation was just around the corner. As people get together online and try to figure out how to still make the most of these milestones, it got the hosts of Top That Track thinking about their own high school experiences. What songs were poppin' off at prom? What album were you listening to on the way to graduation?  

Indie rock musician Maddie Jay joins the hosts for this week's nostalgic episode. The group talk favorite high school pranks, skipping class, and outrageous prom outfits. Jay of course plays along and picks her winning tracks. But will they be the same as yours? Tune in and find out.

Listen to "High School B-Roll" on Apple Podcasts or on Spotify below:  

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