whiterosemoxie's Diverse Debut 'white ceilings' Cements Him as a Prominent New Voice


whiterosemoxie successfully merges genres on his debut album white ceilings, all while consistently maintaining a high-caliber flow. Hailing from Detroit, whiterosemoxie has turned heads with his versatility and ability to write captivating tracks. Able to seamlessly jump from singing pop and R&B ballads to gritty trap records with ease, white ceilings is an infectious collection of 15 tracks that will have you discovering new favorite moments with each listen.

The 18-year-old artist first started gaining the attention of the masses with his breakout track and accompanying music video "whitegold." The track is characterized by dark trap drums with a contrasting piano melody. Although "whitegold" doesn't end up landing on the album, it still acts as an indication of what to expect from the Detroit upstart.

The most interesting aspect of whiterosemoxie is his nonconformity. He walks the line between pop and rap in a way that few other artists have been able to  effectively accomplish. The trap leaning-track "trix" serves as a solid opener to the project, with its high-energy and a triumphant instrumental. Other tracks such as "newty" and "indigo" are equally compelling and aggressive.

whiterosemoxie moves in a R&B direction on personal favorites "west side boys," "date night," and "go." The track "go" features whiterosemoxie candidly reflecting on loss while on his way to the top. "God damn grandma why you have to leave right now / Wish that you could see right now / What I'm bout to be right now."  

white ceilings is brimming with tracks that are emotive, melancholic, and, most notably, outright infectious. The strength of whiterosemoxie’s debut exhibits his ability to jump between genres without ever expensing or sacrificing quality.  

Listen to white ceilings below:

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