zack villere's "A Feeling" Is an Evolving Soundscape of Affection

Spring has sprung, or at least that's the feeling we get when listening to zack villere's latest single. The idiosyncratic anti-pop artist makes music that somehow blends the experimental electronic leanings of Animal Collective's Merriweather Post Pavilion and the genreless predilections of his nearest contemporaries. The end result is a musical project that is distinctively villere.

"A Feeling," the latest one-of-a-kind single from villere, follows "Sore Throat," which we championed as a picture of gorgeous and relatable melancholy. The underlying sense of somberness remains in "A Feeling" but is quickly swept away, albeit only momentarily, by villere's evolving soundscape of affection. The sonics on display are unpredictable as they are gorgeous, akin to blooming spring flowers unfurling to reveal the beauty hiding just out of plain sight. And while it is easy to get lost in villere's spellbinding production, the message on display is just as eye-catching.

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"I woke up late but I got up early enough to drive / I kept my number, so it starts off with a 985 / Not much has changed but I think everything will be alright," sings villere with a sense of serene contentment over the state of unchanged affairs. Yet, "A Feeling" lies in direct opposition to the run-of-the-mill state of affairs that defined our lovesick artist's life before that one person walked through the door. It is a change delightfully hinted at by villere's flourishing soundscape and growing uncertainty, "I hope you call me back / Scratch that / I wanna be right there when you get back inside / Cause you shine so bright."

"A Feeling" is a song that not only grows on the listener with each repeated listen but one that evolves with each passing second. This is the sonic encapsulation of the anxiety and joy of catching butterflies in your stomach.

Watch the video for "A Feeling" below:

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