Abhi the Nomad Proves Himself a Veritable Entertainer in  "Long Nights"


There are so many talented musicians in the world that we have the pleasure of covering, but it's rare we can find a legitimate entertainer. Introducing Abhi the Nomad, a singer, songwriter, performer, but above all else, a veritable entertainer. Today, Abhi the Nomad blesses us with an electric new single, "Long Nights," featuring Khary, the first single off his upcoming album.

Abhi announced “Long Nights" and forthcoming album with a hilarious video. The video features Abhi booting up an intriguing video game, but what he didn't expect is that the it soon takes control of his mind and body. A wild introduction to Abhi vs. The Universe.

"Long Nights" is an energetic tune from start to finish. The song begins with an addictive bass that grooves right into one of those classic nasty Abhi beats. The type of beat that puts on that ultimate "oh sh*t this goes hard" face. The varied elements within the production honestly make for quite the wild ride. The crazy distorted guitar accompanies the kookiness of the song to near perfection. It's so upsetting when the song actually comes to an end, leaving you craving more.

But what really makes Abhi the Nomad so special is his ability to draw you into his lyrics. Never feeling the need to tone down the production and variations within a song in fear of losing the underlying message, Abhi strikes an exquisite balance between hard-hitting sonics and impressive lyrical flow.  

Listen to  "Long Nights" below:

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