Aldae Finds Himself a "Long Way From Texas" on Introspective Debut Single [Q&A]


Photo:  Jordan Kelsey Knight

Alade, who you may know as "All Day" if you know him by his work ethic, is a name that may elude you unless you know the architecture to dozens of notable pop songs over the past few years, including hit from the likes of Justin Bieber, Shawn Mendes, Machine Gun Kelly, Selena Gomez, and more.  

When a man of that caliber of industry credentials leaves the safety of near anonymity for the dangerous shoals of more public facing artistry, its worth noticing and even moreso when the songs are as good as "Long Way From Texas." Curious about the undeniable artistry of Gregory 'Aldae' Hein, we spoke with the artist himself about his debut single, what's driving him, and what else we can expect in the near future.

Who is Aldae? How did you come up with this alias?

Aldae: Aldae, otherwise known as Gregory Hein, is an artist. The name "Aldae" was derived in Los Angeles, California back when I was a wide eyed and literally hungry musician that spent "ALL DAY" in the studio.

What inspired you to create "Long Way from Texas"?

After over seven years in California, and many ups and down later, I arrived at the introspective and somber single "Long way from Texas.“ I sang about what was literally going on in my life at the time, and about the years prior, leading up to this moment. When I heard those chords, I had clarity, and what I had bottled in for so long was left on record.

How has your journey been in uprooting yourself to LA from Texas?

Uprooting from LA to Texas has been nothing short of a journey. I have stories for years to tell, from being a couchsurfing dishwasher, to being a signed artist at Columbia Records... just to lose it all again and then worked to get it back. The story has, however, only just begun.

How did you settle on the art and visual direction for the video?

The art direction of the video was aimed to be simple, moody, and minimal. I wanted to match the integrity of the song, taking a less is more approach. We shot it on film, and eliminated any cliche performance shots. The video is a true mood piece.

Any collaborators on the video? Who directed?

The video was done completely in house. I met a DP while living in New York named Liam. Liam is super young, but shoots on film and has an eye. I also linked with Michel and Alexa Cohen in Los Angeles who helped tie literally everything together, from styling to location.

Can we expect more visual drops from you in the future? Do you intend to tie future singles with unique visuals?

We directed the video all together, and I even edited it myself. There will definitely be more videos for my upcoming records, each one better than the last.

Why did you decide to release "Long Way From Texas" as your lead solo release? Besides this single and video what else should we be on the lookout for?

I decided to lead with "Long Way From Texas," because it feels like an introduction, rather than giving way too much from the beginning. It introduces you into my world softly without being too abrasive.

You've got a number of hits under your belt. How is the transition from writing music for yourself compared to writing for others?

I will always write songs for others. At this point, it's just second nature, like scratching an itch. I have to write. Writing for myself is much different than others, because I wait for the songs to land in my lap rather than going in a room, mining for gold.

What's inspiring you right now outside of music?

Outside of music, the idea of opening myself back up to love is inspiring. I am getting to know different people, and every human has such a different path, and so much to teach you.

Who are your Ones to Watch?

Emerging artists that I like right now, include Jessie Murph, and a kid named Stackz Rebel from New Jersey.

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