Alt-Pop Duo Her's Discusses Tourist Stops and Quirky  Backstage Moments on US Tour [Q&A]


Her's is an alternative-pop duo comprised of Stephen Fitzpatrick and Audun Laading, whose left-of-center tunes are attracting listeners around the world. They met in Liverpool when they were both students. The pair bonded over their peculiar humor and quirky personalities, eventually deciding to create music together. Laading explains,

"Our band works because it was born out of friendship, friendship didn't come from the band."

Her's latest album,  Invitation To Her's, was released in 2018 and accurately showcases their atmospheric beach style. The duo's tunes blends throwback groovy anthems with traces of modern pop. Their most recent single from the album is titled "Under Wraps" and is one of the duo's most intimate and fragile ballads.

Currently, Her's is headlining a self-titled North American tour before they jet off to Europe to finish off their tour. We caught up with the duo while they were traveling in between show days.  

OTW: When did you guys realize you wanted to pursue music?

Audun's mom wanted him to be a doctor, to take care of her when she got old. And Ste's Dad wanted him to be plumber, very practical tones of work. Despite this, the rock n roll boulevard opened up for us from a young age and it seemed to make the most sense.

OTW: Your sound is a great blend of indie-pop and surf-rock. Do you have any musical inspirations?

I think a lot of them elements of the band maybe come from The Beach Boys. We try and dig pretty far backwards musically and whatever musical vegetable we come out with is used to create a fresh salad. Other influences include Santo and Johnny, R Stevie Moore, Scritti Politti, and The Beatles.

OTW: Congratulations on your latest album, Invitation to Her's. Is there any song that you resonate most with?

Thanks a lot! Our favorites are forever changing as we grow with the album. They're all our wee babies so singling out one is hard. Right now Audun's leaning towards "Carry The Doubt, "Ste's digging "Mannie's Smile." The live show also dictates how we're feeling about the tracks!

OTW: You've toured all over the world, do you have a favorite memory from your travels?

We went to Bangkok last year for just over 24 hours to open for Beach Fossils, who are some of our long time heroes. Somehow we managed to visit a bunch of spots in the city, including the Temple Of The Dawn and this crazy vintage market. We also got to hang with Beach Fossils briefly after the show! Despite the ridiculous traveling circumstance, it was totally worth it!

OTW: Is there anything you have to do or place you have to visit when you're in the states?

We're eyeing up a quick visit to the Twin Peaks sign outside of Tacoma. Hoping to get some great northern action and maybe a slice of cherry pie. We've heard murmurings of a possible trip to the Grand Canyon too which we're massively stoked for.

OTW: Do you have any pre or post-show rituals?

Pre-show we do stretches and call each other wieners. Last night we watched an 80's Japanese anime version of The Wizard Of Oz, which got us into a pretty good mind set (highly recommend). Post-show we've taken to going out into the audience to chat with everybody until we're kicked out the venue. Generally arrest time all round, despite the nerves!


OTW: What are you most excited for during this tour?

We're excited to experience some visceral high octane close up Americana, fueled by tacos, Flamin' Hot Cheetos, peanut butter M&M's. We're currently on a sunny drive from Houston to Austin listening to some finely curated country music, we're definitely reviving the genuine experience.

OTW: Are there any artists you are itching to collaborate with?

There's a bunchhhhhhh! To name a few there's: Paul Cherry (our good friend and life coach, guitar extraordinaire, and all round legend), TOPS (long time inspirations, we strive to one day be as cool as, would love to feature Jane Penny's voice or jazz flute), and Brad Stank (our neighbor and long time friend, he's got baritone for days and indisputable swagger).

OTW: What can fans expect from you in 2019?
Looking like a massively busy year for us, since we attained the illusive US work VISA. We're gonna be smashing out shows in the free world, between demoing for whatever is upon Her's horizon.

OTW: Who are your Ones To Watch?
Here's a few of our friends who are all certified legends, that we wish all the success for:  Trudy And The Romance,  Sara King,  Spencer.,  Strawberry Guy,  Brad Stank, Paul Cherry, and The Orielles.

Catch tickets to see this quirky duo live here.  


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