Audrey Mika's '5 A.M.'  Is the Perfect Addition to Your Lovelorn Valentine's Playlist


There's nothing we love more than new projects that show off the ever-evolving R&B soundscape. And if anyone does this well, it's Audrey Mika. The rising internet sensation has an unparalleled ability to mingle pop-R&B elements with beautiful narratives to form a wholly infectious melodic lovechild.

Having originally garnered the attention of millions on YouTube landscape for her unique renditions of Ariana Grande and Billie Eilish tracks, Mika has since taken the industry by storm with her own acclaimed projects, Are We There Yet and Level Up. It's clear that the 19-year-old inevitable star has no time to waste, and her 5 A.M. EP gives us even more reason to keep the praise flowing.  

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A soulful, love-ridden compilation of ballads for the tainted heart, 5 A.M. is a humble portrayal of Mika's unmatched songwriting and vocal capabilities. With a vocal range comparable to many pop superstars, Mika is certainly proving to be a notable contender you need to keep your eye on.  

The EP itself is a demonstration of Mika stylistic compass, touching on everything from pop-radio production to the bass-heavy, downtempo influence of contemporary R&B. This is appropriately shown on "Pan!c," a track that, with oozing vulnerability and fervor, describes the anxiety of impassioned relationships in a way that is night-instantly relatable. Even more so, her visual to the track only enhances these feelings of uncertainty and, like the title itself, panic.

In addition to "Pan!c," 5 A.M.  includes previously-released tracks "Fake Heartbreak," "Change Your Heart," and "Y U Gotta B Like That," the last of which has amassed over 736.3k videos on TikTok and taken the sixth spot on the platform's trending chart. Clearly still thriving as a popular artist in the social media realm, we can already tell that Mika's impact will soon extend far beyond viral video sharing sites.

Listen to 5 A.M. below and be sure to catch Mika on her headlining tour this spring:  

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