badmonsham's "Sometimes" Is a Story of Overcoming the Hardships of Change

Hailing from south Florida, badmonsham [Sham] is a diverse singer/songwriter and rapper. His unique take on how he produces his vocals matched with the effortless sway between singing and rapping makes his music very memorable. Following his debut single, badmonsham proves he's worth the listen with his latest release "Sometimes."

"Sometimes" paints the picture of a young man and his constant fight with life and moving forward. The feeling of being stuck in your hometown and unable to muster up the courage to create something new for yourself. The comfortability of knowing everything around you can anchor some people in one place. He explains how comfort in your relationships at home can bring you so much ease, no matter how toxic they may be. At the end of the day, it's change that frightens most of us. Sham explains his own personal battle with breaking out of his hometown and the writing process behind "Sometimes",

“Sometimes is about my daily battles as a young man living in my hometown. Constantly in my head about what the next move is, and if I was 100% ready to act on it. The song reiterates battling with myself, dealing with relationships, and just trying to overcome the comfortability/detriment of living in my hometown post high school."

Produced by BabyJake and badmonsham himself, they created a slow and intimate song that draws you in from the start. The song begins with a hard bass-line, followed by badmonsham's hook and his stimulating auto tuned vocals. Repeating "sometimes life gets a little bit hard" on the chorus, badmonsham prepares you for storytelling on his verses. The lyricism is intense and thorough, he puts together a well told story bit by bit. "Sometimes" is just the beginning of a promising career for badmonsham and we're extremely excited to see how his next single unfolds into another captivating story.

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