Beabadoobee Imbues 'Loveworm (Bedroom Sessions)' With a Comfortable Warmth


Photo:  Amir Hossain

Challenge: Try not to shed a tear when listening to beabadoobee's Loveworm (Bedroom Sessions). The stripped-back project is a gentle twist to the British singer, songwriter, and musician's seven-track  Loveworm EP, which was released earlier this year.  

Loveworm (Bedroom Sessions)  is comprised of somber lullabies that somehow make you feel so warm and full, yet so sad and pensive. It's just Bea and her guitar. Each track's simple nature shifts listeners' focus on ringing guitar strums, the singer's sweet vocals, and the message she shares as she floats from track-to-track. The singer/songwriter's vocals are a gentle curse - they are endlessly bright and soothing, yet they hit you in the gut before you even realize what her music is doing to you.  

The first release from Loveworm, "Apple Cider," features drums, an electric guitar, and pushed back vocals. It's an explosion of sound with many layers to it, and compared to the track in  Loveworm (Bedroom Sessions), it sounds like a completely different song. The original is an upbeat flirty track, and the newer, tenderer version is filled with longing and lust. Bea's music is recognized as more slow, drifting in a warm wave of sound as you click through her discography, and the Loveworm (Bedroom Sessions) offers an elevated delicate aesthetic that stays true to softer musical tones. Every track is perfect for a sprawled out lounge on your bed – sweet scented candles optional but encouraged.  

Grab a hot cup of tea, sit down somewhere comfy, and listen to Loveworm (Bedroom Sessions):

Before the release of Loveworm (Bedroom Sessions) on Spotify, beabadoobee dropped videos for the tracks on her Youtube Channel.  Each video, filmed on a VHS camera, features the singer in her room. She's propped up on her bed with her guitar in hands. Rays of light poke through blinds on the tiny, slanted window above her bed and shine onto her yellow socks. Each video is a cozy, intimate bedroom jam sesh with the orange haired artist. Between entrancing guitar picking in "Ceilings" to zooming closeups in "Soren," Bea's bedroom sessions ring heartfelt, cozy, and personal.  

Watch the laid-back video for Bea's track "You Lie All The Time," a sobering song about grasping onto a relationship that's dwindling, below:

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