Brent Ewing Connects With Zoey Dollaz on New Single  "The Fall"


Florida native Brent Ewing is best known for his angelic, dreamlike vocals and his top tier penmanship. Singles such as  "Tuscan Leather" and  "Spring Lover" are slow-burning and skeletal ballads that put his stunning vocals front and center. These smooth and catchy tracks have led to high anticipation of where the newcomer would creatively go next.

Ewing is back and breaking his 2021 silence with a new single titled  "The Fall." The song shows off his unmatched delivery, but also a more charismatic side to the artist's personality. The upbeat song also features a guest verse from Miami veteran and FBG affiliate, Zoey Dollaz, who matches Ewing's charisma and inventive flows.  

Ewing tells us "It doesn’t matter where you start in life, it’s where you finish. I want to win and beat the odds." With this in mind, it seems like Brent Ewing is one step closer to accomplishing his goals with the attention grabbing single  "The Fall." With consistency, versatility, and unrivaled vocal ability, it's clear Ewing will go far.

Listen to  "The Fall" by Brent Ewing and Zoey Dollaz below:

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