Brighten Up Your Life With kwassa's Cheerful Love Songs [NEW ARTIST DISCOVERY]


Sunny summer days are calling our names, and British pop icon kwassa is sure to be the soundtrack of those warm, shining hours. Just like his signature color of yellow, more specifically Pantone 123C, kwassa brings the radiant energy that everyone needs in their life. Crafting his sound for as long as he can remember, kwassa has found his voice in shimmering pop anthems that evoke a nostalgic, yet refreshing feeling of happiness.  

Scott Verrill used to create music under the name KYKO, but decided to take his music in a different direction, and so kwassa was born. An ode to his vast inspirations, the name kwassa derived from his love of African music and the Congolese kwassa kwassa dance, in addition to his favorite song from his favorite band, Vampire Weekend's "Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa." Under his new name, he began to look further into himself, resulting in his most personal songs to date. He released these intimate tracks in a collection titled fka kyko.

On his EP, kwassa shared:

"I've titled the ep 'fka kyko' because I want to make it really clear that the name change is more of an evolution than a departure from when I released under 'kyko.' Sonically the sound has progressed a lot, but it's also got a lot of the elements & feels that tie it back to the kyko releases - I'm still inspired by all of the same things as I was."

kwassa kicks off his EP with a playful tune describing an overwhelming feeling of happiness that has him "moonwalking." He falls hard, fast, but he doesn't care because it makes him feel like he could defy gravity. kwassa has cracked the code. His smooth voice layered over an upbeat tempo and lively production results in the perfect piece of pop. He keeps the ball rolling with his next cheerful tune, "sad songs." Somehow making a song titled "sad songs" uplifting, kwassa falls in love to the soundtrack of sad songs while star-gazing. Yet again, his production sets him apart creating a bright atmosphere filled with synthy goodness.

Earning his title as king of swoon-worthy love songs, "woozy" is kwassa's sweet experimental track on the album. What started off with a Salsa-esque guitar loop that he created as a joke, developed into a stunning track that has us feeling "woozy" from its perfection. It's almost impossible to not dance along to this bop.  kwassa concludes fka kyko EP  with the extremely relatable "better." Even when he's struggling to get through a problem, kwassa finds his pain more tolerable when there's someone by his side. When he has a support system, everything seems to get a little "better."  

Brighten your day with kwassa's cheerful love songs in fka kyko EP  here:

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