Charlie Burg's  'Tha Breeze, Tha Steeze, Palm Trees' Is an Infectious Summer Vibe


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Charlie Burg has given us three new songs to jam to until the end of summer (and listen to when it's over, reminiscing on warmer times). The three-track EP, Tha Breeze, Tha Steeze, Palm Trees, released by the Michigan-born R&B singer, songwriter, and producer; is the perfect component to beating the heat and soaking up the sun. The EP runs with the flow of a radio station switching between tracks, which adds a nice playfulness to the vibrant project.

"Tha Breeze" opens the EP, featuring dancehall vibes courtesy of Stoop Lee. There's a DIY style to the song, and the project as a whole, with slightly distorted vocals, a choppy beat, and simple tune. It's a short track with an easy-going nature. This song sets the chill mood for the project and is a subtle dance track with fluid vocals from Burg. Is it hot in here or is it just us?

The EP is slowed down with "Tha Steeze," which is driven by soulful lo-fi vocals from Burg. The song, featuring Baltimore artist and producer J. Robb, has a seductive old-school R&B and pop sound that cools you off like a melting popsicle on a summer day. With a blown-out bass and sweet, layered vocals, this track is as soothing as it is playful. The end half of the song is cut off for a "short intermission" with radio-station banter taking the focus, before fluttering back into the main tune.  

"Palm Trees" is a synth-filled glance at the past - "It just seems like yesterday just slipped away from me/ We had some games to play then you went away as I sleep..." Reminiscing on an eventful summer that has once again flashed by right before your eyes. New York rapper Squilly, who was once one of Burg's classmates in school, provides his talents on this track, adding a sleek element to the entire affair. It's a simple ending to the short project, with low-fi R&B energy that drifts into a light-hearted ending.  

Take a seat, relax, and listen to the three-track EP in full below:

Though  Tha Breeze, Tha Steeze, Palm Trees is short in length, spilling over in about 8 minutes and 22 seconds, it's a breezy, cheerful summer pack that flows from song-to-song effortlessly.  After graduating college and moving to New York City, Burg took some time between to spend in his hometown Detroit. This is where he fleshed out and completed the new EP. The "Tha's" on every song title are meant to act as an ode to his hometown.  

If you're hoping to see the rising artist live, you're in luck! The promising, young artist is going to be on tour with Ashe on her Ones To Watch - presented 'Mom's First Headline Tour' this fall. Keep your eye out for the growing artist, and stay tuned for a debut album that is in the works.  

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