Charlie Powers Delivers Electric New Single "Can We Be"

The 23 year old self-produced singer-songwriter is back at it. Charlie Powers delivers "Can We Be", which may be his hottest single to date. Powers pulls from personal experiences for "Can We Be." He lets us in by opening up about his past life. He makes it known that there are so many more moving parts to a long lasting relationship than just romance. Powers explains, "I've learned that relationships are far more fulfilling when romance isn't the sole purpose but rather an ingredient that makes the most important friendship in your life sweeter."

Powers exploits his vocal range in his new song. Listening to his pitch perfect falsetto will have chills running up and down your spine. The layered vocals he mixed into the track will give you goosebumps when he hits those powerful harmonies. Powers proves himself as a serious contender in the industry, showing off his incredible production skills on top of proving himself as a well rounded instrumentalist. Charlie Powers is not only a remarkable musician and producer, but he tells a story with every song.