Cuco and The Marías Join Forces For the Unsurprisingly Dreamy "Si Me Voy"

Photo: Richard Brooks

The crossover we’ve always wanted but didn’t know we’d ever actually get: Cuco meets The Marías oin the lustrous single “Si Me Voy,” and it’s somehow even better than we ever could have imagined.

Putting on for Puerto Rico and Mexico, both acts have cultivated devout followings, bridging Latin and indie pop in a way that’s given every outcast a couch to exhale into. The collaborative tension brewing between them felt palpable, only bound to explode at some point. A snippet of the single was quickly uploaded and deleted by Cuco in late 2022, with many losing hope that it would ever be released in its entirety, so this is a multilayered celebration.

Cuco compliments The Marías' lead singer María Zardoya seamlessly in “Si Me Voy,” singing to each other a longing to live in their love, regardless of time or distance. The single perfectly encapsulates both of their signature essences, with Cuco’s warped synthpop interweaving with Zardoya’s iridescent vocals.

Released alongside its music video, directed by Carlos Lopez Estrada and Jeff Desom, we watch Cuco stuck in a time loop. He bids farewell to his love over and over, only racking up more abandoned plants and emotional baggage. The one-shot viscerally embodies the feeling of holding onto a love that has to run, just needing one more closure conversation that will only reopen the wound. 

Beyond the dramatized reactions of everyone who has been waiting on this collaboration since the dawn of time, the bones of this song are simply lovely. It’s a gorgeous song that smells of sunsets and morning cuddles, deciding to lay in messy sheets and racing hearts just a little while longer. As Cuco continues on his 'Interdimensional Tour' while teasing his upcoming project, and The Marías continue to hit red carpets and headline festivals, we’re just grateful they met at the intersection.

Watch the "Si Me Voy" video below:

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