Delaney Bailey Pens the Tender and Heartwarming "j's lullaby"


Delaney Bailey has all the hallmarks of a truly great singer-songwriter. The unassuming 20-year-old talent out of Indiana crafts with an understated grace, leaving a trail of tender forget-me-nots, scars that have yet to fully take shape, and tightly-held aspirations for the future in her wake. This innate gift for heartfelt sentimentality flourishes on her latest single, "j's lullaby (darlin' i'd wait for you)."

The single marks the first new release since Bailey's 2021 debut EP, This Is About You. Released independently, "j's lullaby" provides an unembellished look at the Indiana artist. Atop a minimalistic soundscape decorated by a gentle acoustic guitar and unobtrusive swells in production that push and pull like the ocean's tide, Bailey speaks of a love that has become her world. "You could have the stars and the trees / When dividing up the Universe / You could have mine," she sings with a quiet intensity.

"j's lullaby" is a sincere and heart-warming ballad that showcases Bailey in modest yet striking fashion. In doing so, it paints the rising artist as a tranquil force poised to leave her impact on the music world at large.

Listen to "j's lullaby (darlin' i'd wait for you)" below:

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