Dijon's "Many Times" Is a Moment of Infectious Emotional Honesty

Photo: Dijon

Dijon may pull from Americana, folk, and indie rock, but his sound remains wholly unique. It is a sound whose distinct influences can be traced back but the delivery of it all is tied to a sense of resounding emotional catharsis that revels in moments of disappointment, pain, and euphoria. It is music that captures life in its truest essence, all of its painful lows and fleeting highs.

"Many Times" is the latest entry in this ongoing desire to chronicle life. Built around a steady bass line and tight-knit band that captures the otherworldly feeling of seeing Dijon live, the idiosyncratic artist dives into an emotional barrage that borders on candid narration and free association.

At each and every turn, whether it be listing a series of seemingly unrelated fruits and household objects or claiming he "doesn't really want to talk about it" despite wearing his heart on his sleeve, Dijon's latest effort feels alive, bursting at the seams with an infectious emotional honesty. This is a song that does not simply come and go;  "Many Times" commands your attention, it finds its way into the recesses of your soul and sets up home. Dijon is making once-in-a-lifetime music.

"Many Times" follows an impressive 2020 for Dijon, which saw the release of "The Stranger," a folk epic featuring Sachi, Becky and the Birds, Dan Reeder, John C. Reilly, Dan Reeder, and Tobias Jesso Jr., as well as his critically-acclaimed sophomore EP, How Do You Feel About Getting Married?. The new single is set to appear on his highly-anticipated debut album and arrives alongside a music video that serves as a distorted take on a live performance.

Watch the "Many Times" video below:

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