Dillon Francis, BabyJake, and the Commitment Issue-Fueled Bop "You Do You"


Photo:  @Kursza

In the midst of a global pandemic, many have been turning to the one thing that helps them get through it all: the power of music. We've seen artists all throughout the globe come to the aid of those struggling with constant anxiety and growing depression whilst staying home. Thankfully, Dillon Francis and BabyJake came to the rescue with a collaboration we didn't know we needed until right now.

“You Do You" is a classic Dillon Francis bop. Right off the bat, the song begins with a deep house beat accompanied by BabyJake's smooth vocals layered over top. One aspect of the song that immediately catches your attention are the incorporated samples of BabyJake's vocals within the beat, adding a distinguishable effect to the production. This song goes to show the versatility of Francis as a producer and BabyJake as an artist, thus providing further evidence that he's someone that should undoubtedly be on your radar.

At its core, "You Do You'" is a song about dishonesty and unfaithfulness. A message you wouldn't be able to gather from the upbeat production of the song unless you pay close to the lyrics, wherein the sentiment becomes unmistakable.  

BabyJake explains further, "'You Do You' is about how nobody's loyal anymore. People will say they're yours one day, but they're with someone else the next; they struggle with commitment. It's like me with my juice cleanse - I can have a juice in the morning and for lunch, but then I order a pizza later and eat the whole thing… and repeat the next day" With lyrics that hit the nail on the head, BabyJake and Francis deliver a heartfelt, festival stage-ready hit.  

Change is a part of life, and moving on is an aspect of change. The repetition of the line "I'll do me, and you do you" can correlate to following your gut feeling within any relationship. Do what's best for you at the end of the day. Now, with the world going on pause, is the time to really focus on your craft, who we are as humans, who you are as a person, and just doing you.

Listen to  "You Do You" below:

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