Dominic Fike and Kenny Beats Launch a Heist for Halsey's Grammy  in "Phone Numbers" Video


Photo: Ryan McGinley

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Anti-pop, hip-hop wunderkind  Dominic Fike  just debuted a playful new video for his vibey summer single "Phone Numbers."  

Shot like a 2000's Nickelodeon sitcom, Fike's new video for "Phone Numbers" tells the story of a robbery gone awry. It's a little Breaking Bad meets Even Stevens with its green screen, hijinks, and hoodwinks on full display. In the video, Kenny Beats, who produced the track, and Fike appears as con men dressed under the guise of roach exterminators. The dynamic duo dramatically breaks into wait for it… Halsey's home and take money, bars of gold, and even her Grammy!  

But just as they make their break to escape, cops enter the house. Fike gets away but Kenny is caught! Fike quickly switches forms afterward, adopting character after character in Catch Me If You Can fashion. Turns out, Fike is a pretty flawless shapeshifter both sonically and character-wise.  

Will Halsey and the cops ever catch Fike? Watch the video below to find out:

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