Eden Rain's Debut Single "Wake Up, You're Stuck" Is Raw and Reflective


London-based singer-songwriter Eden Rain releases her debut single "Wake Up, You’re Stuck" - a refreshingly raw and honest reflection on the formative moments that force us to make tough decisions. The arrival of Eden Rain has been a long time coming, as she has managed to amass a following on her Instagram showcasing her David Shrigley-adjacent art despite having no music out. Her first release is a hazy acoustic indie track that highlights not only her ethereal vocals and affinity for songwriting as "Wake Up, You’re Stuck" debuts alongside a video created by the 20-year-old artist herself. Finally synthesizing her illustrations with her thoughtful music, Eden Rain makes a powerful debut into the indie-pop world.  

Though Eden Rain's influences range from poets like Kae Tempest to pop stars like beabadoobee, "Wake Up, You’re Stuck" is much more downtempo - evoking comparisons to Lorde, Amy Winehouse, or Sufjan Stevens. Its video is clearly carefully produced, which is juxtaposed by its intentionally rudimentary feel. On this track Eden Rain bares her soul for her listeners, describing the single as "the feeling of being eaten alive from the inside out…do I stay being eaten alive or attempt to save myself from all the things I'm running from?" Her repetition of lines like "I let everybody down again" express a heart-wrenching vulnerability in her vocal performance, one that gets amplified by her lowkey piano melodies and quiet string instrumentation. "Wake Up, You’re Stuck" is a sentimental and bittersweet reflection of one's past and identity, serving as the perfect debut track for a young artist with her whole career in front of her. Eden Rain's acoustic mix is complemented by scenes showcasing her art alongside wilderness visuals, though the track picks up towards the end with a finale laden with indie vocal harmonies that end as quickly as they begin. With "Wake Up, You’re Stuck" leaving listeners in an emotional haze - it is hard to believe this is only Eden Rain's first single.

"Wake Up, You’re Stuck" may be Eden Rain's first track, but hopefully it will be far from her last. The London artist has yet to share any details about any upcoming projects on the horizon, though when they arrive they will certainly not be something to miss. Between her beautiful vocal performances and talent for clever lyricism, Eden Rain may quickly make a name for herself this year.  

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