Fall Down the Rabbit Hole with Aibai on Her New Self-Titled EP


23-year-old Minneapolis producer Aibai has just unveiled her debut EP. The self-titled, four-track release demonstrates her ability to create beautifully introspective music, rich in pearlescent soundscapes and slow-paced, hazy beats. Her subtle yet powerful production creates an intimate listening experience, welcoming us into her indietronica meets dream-pop world.

Starting off the EP is "Glow" featuring Swims. Melancholic yet uplifting, the track glistens with entrancing instrumentation and sultry, muted synths. The graceful song floats along effortlessly, with delicate vocals and melodic flourishes. Swims also features on "Open Up," another mellow tune which emits a cathartic feeling, making you want to simply unwind.

Reminiscent of Flume and Clairo, Aibai has succeeded in colliding the indie and electronic worlds together. "More Than Friends" with Colby Hansen highlights this amalgamation of genres, adding an extra layer of jazz-soaked guitars and soulful vocals. The track screams warm summer evenings and long drives.

"Feel Again" featuring Mà¸nty C exudes a colorful and vibrant atmosphere, with jangly drum beats and swirling synths blending to create a heady concoction of sounds and textures.

Aibai chose a solid array of vocalists on the EP, all of which add their own stamp, while maintaining a level of cohesiveness throughout the four-tracks. Despite their excellence, it's really Aibai's production skills that are at the forefront of this EP and ultimately keep us coming back for more. This young producer is certainly making a name for herself with this debut release and we're excited to follow her steps as she forges ahead.

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