Emei Finds "Better People to Leave on Read" on Cutthroat New Single


Whats does evisceration sound like? Accountability delivered as a bludgeoning verse, piano chords swung like gavels, menacing lyrics that make you nervous for the subject of scorn when listening? If you miss the emotional body slams of mid-90s hip-hop but love a fresh, bombastic, and provocative current pop talent to deliver it, then LA’s songstress Emei's "Better People To Leave on Read," will be your next go-to source for barbs to share with your fast becoming frenemies set.

"Who's your therapist? Fire your therapist." Fuck, like ouch, that line just murders the class of do wrong but hide behind self-help types who litter our collective pasts. Written along with OTW favorite King Mala and producer Rob Auerbach, Emei takes aim at a supposed friend who made a move on her boyfriend, and then had the gall of false gratitude to text her, congratulating Emei on her budding success.  

Little surprise, but it did not go down well, and you only have to listen to the back half of track to full appreciate just how poorly it went. Crescendoing with a cacophony of voices, the clatter of shame from the the masses is as good a place as any to end. No (false) good deed goes unpunished, or in this case, left on read.

Listen to "Better People to Leave on Read" below:

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