Emmit Fenn Releases Cinematic Visual Accompaniments to Debut Album 'Far From Here'


Photo: Shaun Fenn

"The light is worth the darkness you endure." Thus is the central theme behind prolific artist Emmit Fenn's dual cinematic visual release, accompanying his debut album Far From Here.  Arriving during a time in history when much of the world feels shrouded in darkness, Fenn acknowledges the power of personal vulnerability and the joy that can follow pain.  

The visuals, directed by Samy Mosher, paired with some of the most personal of Fenn's releases to date offer a new understanding of the prismatic world in which we all reside.  

Exploring the idea of feeling displaced in a society that doesn't quite fit our individual mold, the music video for "Edge of the Dark" stars model Brooks Ginnan, who was born with Ectodermal Dysplasia. Remarking on the genetic disorder which affects the appearance of the model's skin, teeth and hair, the visual begins with a solemn reflection as Ginnan states "I don't remember the time or the place when I first became aware of my appearance, but it was quite evident from a young age that I was different..."  

As Ginnan stares into a handheld mirror, gently caressing their face in a bleak motel room, the brief monologue commences with the poignant phrase "… whatever I was, it was not like the other kids and it certainly wasn't beautiful." A heavy-hitting video that plays off the dynamic nature of the synth-laden, highly texturized music, the visual features striking imagery, pairing religion and nature, exploring paradoxical symbolism, relaying the overarching message that from adversity, and in turn, beauty grows.

The second visual for title track, "Far From Here," further expounds upon the idea of finding hope amid chaos. Exploring the horrors of a modern world (i.e. climate change, the pandemic, wildfires, etc.) that often hit far too close to our present reality, Fenn tells a vivid story through the eyes of grieving father who copes with the loss of his 17-year-old daughter by building an A.I. version of her.  

A masterpiece in its truest form, the visual is as emotional as it is aesthetically striking, featuring a gripping dance sequence amid snippets of the father's past memories and newspaper clips, perfectly executing a cathartic story of enduring love.  

The two visuals continue Fenn's ingenious rollout of his long-awaited debut album, allowing his audience to find a place of refuge during a time where many have wanted to go "Far From Here." In his own words,  

"The main theme of this album is finding hope in vulnerability. With this album, I wanted to be completely open about my past on a very intimate level and show how I've grown from it.  The title of the album 'Far From Here' refers to the place that we want to escape to when we feel hopeless and that is what I wish for the album to be for the listener; a place in which they can escape to when they feel like they have nowhere else to go.“

The 10-track album is also accompanied by Fenn's first NFT collection drop on crypto.com with his new website farfromhere.emmitfenn.com/. The collection features 11 vibrant art pieces based on his original album art by French artist Bertrand Fournier.  

Listen to  Far From Here below:  


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