Enigmatic Artist niina's "miss me" Is a Euphoric Ode to Rediscovering Your Worth

Photo:  Silvijah Gec

As the world comes back into focus and dancefloors light up again with the hypnotic sway of strangers, friends, and lovers looking to lose or find themselves, few artists feel as ready to soundtrack this out-of-body catharsis as niina. The enigmatic one-woman producer, singer-songwriter, and creative director elects to write and produce all her music herself, straying away from relying on a catalog of ready-made samples, giving the entire affair an ethereal quality that is entirely her own. The latest result of this is "miss me," a shimmering, house-scored ode to empowerment.  

"miss me" arrives hot on the heels of "miss u," and in many ways the, two tracks serve as mirror images of one another. While both singles revolve around the idea of empowerment, the previously-released "miss u" draws that strength from the vulnerability to be found in the wake of the dissolution of a relationship. "miss me" on the other hand is akin to finding yourself again, a spiritual self-realization gleamed in the otherworldly haze of a dimly lit house party or underground club. From the repetition of the words "miss me," the disjointed voice memos, to the swelling production that steadily builds to the fever pitch, this is release in its finest form.

"'miss me' is about being around people that celebrate your value rather than make you question it, it’s about finding your worth and not letting anyone take that away from you. Bella Rose was the narrator for this message in the music video for 'miss me,' i love how this came together with the niina girls and i really wanted it to be a video of strength and support of one and other as women in the creative world,“ shares niina.

"miss me" is set to appear on niina's forthcoming sophomore EP, 100 bills, set to release June 10 via TMWRK Records.

Watch the "miss me" video below:

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