Experience the Raw and Whimsical Honesty of Albon's "14 For The Hell Of It" [Premiere]


Blending dreamy folk orchestration with brutally insightful personal revelations, LA-based singer-songwriter Albon puts a welcomed spin on bedroom pop. His warm, jangly melodies often conjure up the spry, sun-drenched colors of the West Coast, but his Chicago upbringing looms large, imbuing his lyrics with a wry, East Coast edge.

Albon’s latest single, “14 For The Hell Of It,” feels like a wily collaboration between Modest Mouse and (Sandy) Alex G, blending chiming indie production with clear-eyed emotional catharsis. Coming in under the two-minute mark, the song manages to cover a lot of ground, giving us a sense of the songwriter, his friends and the suburban setting in which they find themselves doing lines of coke off the floor of some kind of meatpacking facility.  

Albon’s nuanced verses ride above the choppy acoustic guitar chords, flush with tongue-in-cheek overconfidence which borders on self-flagellation. “You can see that I’m a man / Cause I smoke and I drink and I make you feel like hell,” he blurts out, making another absurd assertion in a series of completely inappropriate protestations.

Working alongside Cameron Wisch (Porches), Alexander Babbit (LAG), and Sasha Smith, Albon tracked the forthcoming EP at the Hartunian brothers Tropico Beauty, which has recently hosted studio sessions for indie luminaries such as Devendra Banhart, Alex Bleaker (Real Estate), and the band Florist. The resulting recordings, which make up Dream Weaver//Bee Keeper, are lean and intimate, yet posses the kind of lush adornments that have come to define this young artist’s sound. A unique and alluring mixture of raw wit and whimsical fancy.

Listen to  "14 For The Hell Of It" below:

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