flor Gives Fan-Favorite Songs (and a Coldplay Cover) New Life in 'reimagined' [Q&A]


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If you have been following us here at Ones To Watch for some time now, it should come as no surprise to hear that we are quite the fans of flor. The Oregon-based quartet has an impeccable gift for exploring a range of emotional depth, from feelings of longing to heartbreak.  

The sentiment is all the more pronounced in reimagined, a collection of stripped-back offerings featuring fan-favorite tracks and Coldplay's seminal hit,  "Yellow." We sat down with the boys behind flor to discuss their musical evolution and reimagining a couple of their favorite tracks.  

Ones To Watch: How did your writing process differ between come out you're hiding and ley lines?

flor: Before working on co.yh, we hadn't played a whole lot of live shows. However, much we love those songs and it's in-the-box style production - (to us) lacks the organic feel that comes from performing as a band, and it didn't get to benefit from the resources of a pro studio. So, this time around, we really wanted to lean into what we learned from touring… how to create moments that our audiences will get energized by.

Lyrically and thematically, ley lines is a little more about finding confidence, rather than exploring feelings of anxiety and introversion. Although it's still a healthy mix of both.

Why did you choose to cover "Yellow" by Coldplay?

We had covered "Yellow" live in the past - more as a straight-up recreation of the song, but as we were working on the reimagined ep, we thought "what if we took an iconic song that has had such in impact on the world, and brought it into the world of ley lines?" The idea really excited us and we just ran with it.

Where did the idea for reimagined stem from?

One day at soundcheck, zach was messing around on the guitar playing a more laid back version of "slow motion" - we have this amazing freedom to mess with these songs however we want, so we started off with producing that idea and that blossomed into making a reimagined ep.

Can we expect more "reimagined" songs in the future?

I think it's something that we'll continue to do throughout our career. We always write songs, produce them, perform them, and come up with ideas for the songs after all that… so why not?

How was working with Mandy from MisterWives?

it was incredibly fun. I [Dylan] was wrapping up the production of the reimagined ep, and at the same time having sessions with MisterWives working on their new album. I decided to ask Mandy very last minute if she wanted to be a part of "yellow" and her face just lit up. She ended up knocking out the vocals in a half hour. It added such an incredible airy-ness to the back half of the song. one of the best vocalists I've ever worked with. And she has the most contagious laugh! hoping to make lots more music with her and misterwives in the future.

You guys are on tour now, what's your go-to gas station snack?

If we had to pick one as a band - we all have a weakness for cheddar & sour cream ruffles.

What's the craziest thing that has happened on tour?

On a flight to London, Kyle had the unfortunate seat next to an in-flight-fling in which a woman gave the guy next to him a handjob under a blanket… three times. Poor kyle just had to sit there. After the flight it was the hardest we've laughed on tour.

Who are your Ones to Watch?

Moontower, BENEE, Yoke Lore, Muna, Rivals, White Reaper.

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