FRANKIE Is Calling Out a Particular Bad "Boy" This Valentine's Day [PREMIERE]


Photo: Sam Berger

A 27-year-old singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles, FRANKIE has constructed her own brash brand of expressive pop music that draws swooning listeners in by the time the first captivating verse wraps. Her fixation with influence of '90s music and strong female artists from the '70s comes through in her vibrant sound defined by its wondrous moments of self-expression.  With brutally honest lyricism and unforgettable melodies, FRANKIE is back in action with her gratifying new single, "Boy."

Following a complicated breakup, FRANKIE sought refuge in her thoughtful songwriting in "Boy," as she cathartically reflects on her ex-boyfriend's apparent shortcomings. The agreeable tune calls out the people from our pasts who left us sulking in disappointment once they were no longer in our lives. With a superlative bout of electronic elements that nicely complement FRANKIE's lush vocals, "Boy" is most definitely a powerful anthem for the disappointed ladies in the room. FRANKIE spoke on the single, exclusively sharing with Ones To Watch,

"'Boy' was my anger stage in the breakup. I was playing guitar in my apartment late one night and I started singing the lyric, 'Thought you were a man but you're just a boy.' I brought it to my band and we cranked out that rest of the song pretty quickly. Once we had the concept and lyrics down, it flowed right out. I love how simple and cool the track is compared to the others on the EP and I especially love how you're haunted by all the different voices singing 'Boy...' It's almost like teasing someone on the playground. I've never been so mean in a song. I feel bad... But also, wow was that cathartic!"

Ones To Watch has your first listen of "Boy" below:

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