GOON DES GARCONS* Links With Cuco For the Cinematic "A24"

Photo: Vixxion

"They say it happens every 10 years - someone comes and changes the music industry forever," shares GOON DES GARCONS* on the cultural shift brought about by Odd Future in 2010. It is a similar desire to leave a monumental impact on today's music landscape that fuels the Little Rock, Arkansas native's own distinctive vision. This potentially generation-defining vision takes flight in his latest cinematic single.

"A24" follows his prophetic 2019 EP Cheers To The End Of The World. The "first of many" from an album GOON DES GARCONS* has been living his whole life to create, the new single sees him joined by the one and only Cuco. Over an infectious wobbly beat, the two reference their larger-than-life aspirations and critically-acclaimed auteurs Wes Anderson and Gaspar Noé.

The "A24" in question is of course an ode to the cult indie entertainment company responsible for 25 Academy Award nominations and everything from Euphoria, Moonlight, Mid90s, The Lighthouse,  Uncut Gems, and more. While the main hues of A24 films tend to lie moren on the pastel color spectrum, GOON DES GARCONS*' "A24" finds it groove in the experimental presentation of its inspiration, presenting a woozy hip-hop offering that is nothing if not intoxicating.

A24 changed the modern-day film landscape, proving the widespread critical and commercial worth of experimental and indie films. In the same vein, GOON DES GARCONS* is bringing his own landscape-defining vision to life, one standout release at a time.  

Listen to "A24" below:

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