ID:EARTH (아이ë""ì - ¼ìŠ¤) Searches For Solace on "Home" [Q&A]


ID:EARTH (short for "the identity of the Earth") is a project that has global ambitions and the weighty message to back it. On the artist's latest single "Home," she crafts a beautiful, longing song about family and the people who you love and love you in return. Sung in both English and Hangul, the delicate, purposeful song left us curious to learn more about this South Korean singer and her upcoming EP Panorama, so we spoke with ID:Earth about all that and more.  

Ones to Watch: Who is ID:EARTH?  

ID:Earth: ID:Earth, as its name suggests, is the identity of the Earth. It is to express and record the life of this planet with music.

What is "Home" all about?  

Usually everyone has a place that they can call their own. A place or person where they can feel comfort. Our interpretation of what a home or a house can be differs from person to person, but it is often a place of solace and refuge. Especially now, when times are hard, we all need a place we can escape to. Sometimes, I forget my place of solitude, my "home," but then I remember and it is the more precious and important place for me. This is a song about that particular feeling, about that place that is close to you. So I dedicate this song to my beloved Orion star.

Using two different languages lyrically can be challenging, why did you decide to sing in both English and Korean?

I just went with the flow really. I felt that both languages suited the melody of the song and it was interpreted nicely and it just felt like a natural transition. When creating this track, I let the music and melody flow instinctively and the lyrics came naturally. Sometimes you just got to let it lead you and who knows what you might end up with.

“Home" has such dynamic production. How'd you settle on the composition? Who produced the track?    

Actually, I wrote this song in 2017. It was a new arrangement at that time. I produce all the songs myself, including this song. I’m preparing a collaboration with another producer this year to create a slightly different atmosphere. The producer needs to know the characteristics of all instruments. But this time, it was a relatively simple instrumental composition. That’s why the emphasis was on the singing and vocal delivery.  

How does your current sound differ at all from your debut "Egypt?"

I rearranged it, but I wanted to capture the feeling I wrote in 2017. So I sang it with my initial intention. Rather than having a different tone, the emotions are different. Technically, "Egypt" used a lot of voices when speaking to convey a grand energy, and this song was only sung in an unconsciously humming voice. If you sing this lyrical song like in "Egypt," everyone will run away. What’s funny is that it was easy to sing these emotional songs at the time, but it’s easier to sing because I have to solve them because I just live in the studio these days, so I’ve become quet.

Can we expect more of this style on your upcoming EP Panorama?

Yes. Like your panorama, you can feel the emotional flashlight between the present and the past.

Besides this excellent upcoming EP, what else should we be on the lookout for? Any tour dates?

In Seoul, I'll be performing my new tracks on a show called Indie Hanbam this February. I'll also be playing songs from my debut album BE live, which has a similar feel to this current song. In early April, I'm going to do a series of online concerts as it is still very much restricted here in Korea in terms of live performances. However, I am hoping that will change soon like in Europe and the US. I can't wait to play in front of a live audience again.

What’s inspiring you right now outside of music?

I love everything to do with nature and the great outdoors. I feel we really need to engage with where we are right now and carve out this relationship we have with our planet. By taking care of it, we also take care of ourselves. It is our "Home."

Spring is approaching, what does that mean to you creatively?

This is my favourite time of the year, when the sun shines bright and the cherry blossoms bloom. I can feel it the warmth, It’s a drowsy but refreshingly strange charm. I think it’s a good season to try a lot of things you want to do.

Who are your Ones to Watch?

It is an exciting time for independent music in Korea, where a lot of young musicians are carving out their own path and experimenting with various genres like hip-hop, electronic, and indie music. It is a time to be original. Underground rapper Dbo who I collaborated with on my recent single "Betting" is definitely one to watch.

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