INJI's "MADELINE" Is For the Gals and Chaotic Nights Out

If you’ve ever spent a shameful amount on an Uber or bargained with a bouncer to let you into the club, INJI’s “MADELINE” is your new church.

On a quest to usher in another Summer ’16 renaissance, UPenn’s very own INJI has been making the music no one else is brave enough to: the kind made strictly to lose your body in. There isn’t a meaning to dig deep for, no trauma to resurface. Sometimes you feign a British accent over a house beat and that’s enough.

It’s the follow-up single to her debut “GASLIGHT,” a viral TikTok hit that skyrocketed her in popularity and left many insatiably hungry for more. Luckily, “MADELINE” arrives as a fairly foolproof sophomore effort, with an addictive hook and hypnotic uptempo.

It’s both an unexplainable phenomenon and inarguable scientific fact that summer in New York is as sexy as sexy gets. “MADELINE” has found a way to perfectly encapsulate both the glamour and grit of NYC’s club culture, from the 3 a.m. cigarette-stained kisses to the drunken bathroom pep talks when your friend sees their ex.

There’s a survival instinct when it comes to nights like these: skipping lines, dodging throw up, arguing fake IDs, and of course, keeping tabs on the Madeline of the group. Many twenty-somethings will catch glimpses of their blurry nights in this song, while others might gain the courage to make a perfectly bad decision for once.

Lay INJI over a house track like “MADELINE” and there’s nothing but pure magic in store.  Listen responsibly. Or recklessly. It’s your prerogative.

Listen to "Madeline" below:

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