Meet ivri, the Soft-Spoken Indie Artist Worming Her Way Into Our Brains and Hearts

Photo: Benjamin O

Glitchy and deeply melancholic, New York City’s ivri dizzies with feeling on the guitar-driven love song “brainrot,“ the first track to drop off her upcoming debut EP.

With her 2020 hit “glow worms” garnering over 13 million streams on Spotify alone, ivri has been frequenting Spotify playlists like "Lorem" and “Indie Frequency,” as one of indie music's most promising artists on the rise. With a tiny voice, head full of curls, and infatuation for the unseeable, ivri has built herself from SoundCloud uploads to a global impact at only 21.

“brainrot” speaks to being consumed by the micro details of someone or her very own core. “I feel it in my veins / My heart is rushing,” ivri is willingly intoxicated, drained by the fangs of a parasitic partner. It’s come to be obvious that if she was going to make a love song, it would only be about the flesh-eating kind.

“‘brainrot’ is a play on a word I learned about called ‘heartrot’; when a tree ends up rotting from the inside out," shares ivri. "This song is me personifying that feeling of not knowing what to do when negative feelings take over, whether they root from a romantic aspect or a more personal one.”

Soundtracking solemn nights and the haunting of our own looming shadow, ivri is a champion for the lonely and wistful. Using reversed vocals and hypnotizing melodies, ivri has the ability to make decay alluring, feeding anticipation for what her debut project may bring.

Watch the "brainrot" visualizer below:

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