Jade Bird Demonstrates a Quick-Witted Songwriting Genius in "I Get No Joy"


Jade Bird is a spirited storyteller for the ages. Emanating a lyrical energy and wit on par with songwriting greats Patti Smith and Bob Dylan, the rising UK artist has proven herself as a profound talent well beyond her years. It is a remarkable feat she illustrates throughout her debut EP, 2017's Something American, and continues to demonstrate with each new bout of striking lyrical precision.

In Bird's newest single to date, "I Get No Joy," the rising UK artist courses through vocal feats and deft lyricism with effortless grace. Listening to the breakneck shy-of-three-minute track is to give yourself over to Bird's proclivity to soar into rousing, heavenly chorus and jump into spitfire alliteration at a moment's notice. "I Get No Joy" is tantamount to experiencing firsthand the mile-a-minute pace Bird's mind operates at as an admitted over thinker, with Bird sharing,

"This song is about the stream of thought that runs through your head at all times as an over thinker. It's about how that gets in the way of being present in the moment and ultimately 'getting no joy' and about the frustration of everyone's cliché of happiness not making you feel fulfilled either."

"I Get No Joy" also doubles as the official announcement of Bird's long-awaited debut album. The self-titled debut is expected out April 19, and based on the singles thus far, is shaping up to be a debut that was worth waiting for. Bird spoke further on the forthcoming album, sharing,  

"This album is my experience, direct and undiluted, of the past two years. Every decision I've made has culminated into this magical process, just as every word I've written has spun into these songs. It changes in style, like most of my music, and tries to dodge boxes and genres but the consistency is me - a young woman really trying to figure it out."

Blending elements of folk, country, and good old classic songwriting wit, "I Get No Joy" is anything but. This is Bird at her best and yet another shining example of why the UK artist is poised to go down alongside the many of the great songwriting geniuses before her.

Listen to "I Get No Joy" below and catch the rising songwriter on tour:

For more from Jade Bird, revisit our exclusive performance and interview with the songwriter for the ages below.

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